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Kayaks, Canoes, and SUPs

With so many bodies of water in our own back yard, it's hard not to end up on the water on a day off, relaxing evening after work, or early morning exercise. One of the unique things about kayaks, sups, and canoes are they open up new areas you can access even if the water is low on a shallow section of a river not accessible by a motor boat or shallow coves on the lake. No matter what your reasoning for kayaking, we know that time on the water is time well spent so grab your friends, family, or pup and get out on the water! We carry Perception, and Wilderness System Kayaks, Mad River Canoes and NRS stand up paddle boards along with the paddles, life jackets (specific for kayak and canoes), accessories, and apparel for all your kayaking, suping, and canoeing needs!



We take great pride in buying quality goods that are made to function with a purpose and tough enough to last through years of adventures and abuse. We are able to do this because the gear we sell is the same gear we use when we go to the lake or river. This is why we carry Canoes and Kayaks that are made 100% in the USA that come with a warranty that helps you rest easier knowing that a company stands behind what they make. As well as warranties the kayaks we sale are built tough and we won't skip on the thickness of a kayak, like big box stores, to save a penny while sacrificing the quality of the boat. In other words you get what you pay for and if your looking for a kayak that you won't need to replace the following year then let MSL show you the difference between local knowledge of the rivers and what you'll find at big stores more interested in wallet than your needs.