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Mark TT Backpacking Tent

hang it as a dining fly.  Or stake it and tie it up as a tent shelter, with or without a pole.  That’s 14 ounces total. Then you have tent, stakes, and ropes with adjusting sliders and a coupe of rope hooks.  And when you need it you have a shelter from the wind, cold, rain, sleet or snow.

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Product Description

The fabric is ideal for a tent, not water repellent but water proof coated polyester, 185T.

Doorless, but sheltered entrance.

Tarp as Tent

Comes with tarp tent, 4 stakes, stake bag, guy lines with slide adjusters, two rope hooks, stuff sack, instruction/care card/information sheet

Reinforced grommet locations

All seams factory sealed


Sleeping capacity: one

Tarp over Hammock

Average minimum weight: 10.4 oz.
Weight with stuffsack: 10.7 oz.

Weight of stakes (4) and stuffsack: 1.5 oz.
Rope kit and hardware: 2.9 oz.
Floor dimensions: As tent, 3 feet by 7 feet

Floor area: 21 sq ft (height dependent, lower equals wider)
Height: Can vary – about 5 feet

Tarp as Cooking Fly

Size:  9 feet 8 inches by 7 feet 2 inches

Fabric is 185D polyester with 1000 pu coating

Packed size: 3 x 11 inches

Fire resistant to CAPI-84 standard